Of Mountains and Rivers


Title:Shan He Biao Li: Of Mountains and Rivers (山河表里)
Status:77 Chapters + 3 extras
Genre:Modern fantasy, action, supernatural, romance, BL
Tags:Alternate world, drugs, handsome male lead, language barrier, modern knowledge, strong love interests, technological gap, world travel
Content warnings:Depiction of (undiagnosed) possible depression, PTSD, and survivor's guild, portrayal of ambiguous suicidal thoughts, violence/gore in battle, non-traditional/non-typical/non-conventional consumption of human remains


A tale of an adventure between two people secretly in love with each other.

The story follows Chu Huan, a former secret service agent who was pursuing the ringleader of a drug trafficking group, “Big Ghost”, when he accidentally fell off a cliff. A series of bizarre adventures ensue.



by Yuu
It's about MC a hired killer pursuing a mafia boss but ends up to this remote tribe in the mountains. He meets with ML the tribe leader and because of some reason MC ends up teaching Chinese in ML's tribe. The story will go into another direction from mafia story to mystical mountain legend.
Shan he biao li is a sweet, magical but also thrilling story. Main cp has a language barrier at first, but that doesn't stop them from understanding each other. One is a modern man and one is living in a place far from technology, their difference just make them perfect!



(MC, Shou)

﹏ A retired secret agent who live a plain and boring life with only a cat around him

﹏ Badass, powerfull, and proud

﹏ So fierce when he was in battle, but is actually soft hearted and kind

﹏ Teaching Chinese in ML's tribe

﹏ Easy to accept his feeling toward ML


(ML, Gong)

﹏ Liyi Clan's patriarch who has supernatural skills

﹏ Smells like osmanthus flowers

﹏ A pure innocent soul, gentle, kindhearted and smiles a lot also has strong justice

﹏ Can use a leaves as a flute

﹏ Can be quite bold and very loyal to his people in the tribe


English Translation

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Fanmade Audio Drama

It has been confirmed that Shan He Biao Li is getting a live action adaptation under title "Guardians of the Lands" production by Youku, filming start in March 2021.

Title: 山河表里 / Shan He Biao Li
English title: Guardians of the Lands
Genre: Fantasy, adventure
Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: Youku
Broadcast period: 2022

While chasing a group of drug traffickers, a former agent finds himself stranded in a small town in the mountain. There, he finds an entrance to a mysterious world filled with shadows. Together with the leader of the mountain guards, they launch a strange adventure in the new world.

Chen Xing Xu as Chu Huan
Chen Mu Chi as Nan Shan

Production Credit:
Original Writing: Shan He Biao Li (山河表里) by Priest
Director: Ju Jue Liang, Liu Chang
Screenwriter: Ma Jia
Producer: Liu Ning
Art Director: Zhang Xue Kun
Style Director: Su Zhi Yong
VFX Supervisor: Li Jian Jian
Company: Youku

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﹏ Chu Huan the MC who was fall in love at first sight and didn't end up as gong (Rare in Priest world, Priest's gong usually the first one to fall in love)

﹏ Interesting dynamic where shou is the badass one and gong is the innocent one.

﹏ Power couple! Tribe's patriarch x ex-assassin!

﹏ The mutual understanding of MC and ML despite so many initial barriers between them.

﹏ Amazing worlbuilding with surreal elements. The plot turns to another direction from modern story about mafia to fantasy world. You will have goosembumps with how the genre changed.

﹏ Friendship that traverse through life and death.

﹏ Set in a remote tribe in the mountains. You will found a lot of interesting things in a place far from modern life.

﹏ First time meeting in a very cute way.

﹏ There's a mxm side cp!

﹏ There's action! There's fantasy! There's found family! All of them in one story!

﹏ It's a good choice to read if you are looking for a not so heavy read by Priest.

﹏ Shan He Biao Li won in the annual grand ceremony of outstanding BL works by Jinjiang Literature City Awards 2014.

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